‘Know Your Talent’ (KYT) is a platform for singers, instrumentalists, dancers and composers with all levels of skill in their respective field. Many, due to unfavorable circumstances and limited resources are often unable to live up to their dreams, and KYT is here in providing professional training, recording services, and desired target audience to solve this problem. Though various free internet resources which are available with no cost and efforts, are good for uploading music and attracting audience, it lacks focusing and pruning talent in a right manner. It is also possible that the work of any talented person may escape the attention of the people due to heavy rush on these websites.

Though KYT does not guarantee that each and every person would have success, but it promises that the music to be uploaded on this website, would have some quality to appeal the people so that the artists could know about their talent through specific demand of his/her music. In this aspect, KYT for Knowing ones’ talent is remarkable.

There are so many artists though good but labelled as bathroom singers and table drum players, but for want of proper training and resources, they fail to realise their dreams of becoming a famous artist. KYT’s further effort is to provide some facilities to such talented artists so that these artists can be able to record their music at-least in a presentable form for the common audience. It is true that music if not presented in a properly recorded from before the audience, it may not be appreciated and appealing. ‘Sangeet’ means a song/composition sung/presented by a company of persons together. KYT, in short, provides a right platform to the young artists who for want of money/resources or due to any other reason are unable to arrange proper training, practice, studio recordings, accompanist musicians, stage experience, competition etc. which might be fruitful to convert their dreams into reality. People would also have some good artists known in turn.

KYT, as such, is started with this great ambition to assist the budding artists to show their talent in a presentable form and we hope that we would receive a wholehearted acclamation from the people.


KYT Management


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